Bright Creativity participated in the first edition of the London-Monaco Cycle Charity for the Blue Marine Foundation in 2016 and proudly raised over 1,500€ thanks to generous donations that went towards the Blue Marine Foundation's preservation and conservation projects. As well as a lot of fun (including cycling past Eddie Jordan up a killer leg and laughing about it with him afterwards), the exercise and awareness part were the most rewarding of course!


As board member of Young Professionals in Yachting Monaco, who are active in raising awareness regarding our oceans and the need to act to preserve it, the participation was indeed a good deed and as a result Bright Creativity continues to support the association on a non-monetary basis, helping to raise awareness through the extensive network in the Bright Creativity portfolio and helping the partnerships team to get more sponsors and partners on board.

Bright Creativity has since discussions with the charity in early 2017 been successful in connecting the Blue Marine Foundation association with various companies and brands who will help fund and offer their products/services towards the 2017 to include advertising objects agency - Looping, Gym Marine -gym equipment for super yachts, organic drinks - BerryWhite, Jacques-Yves Cousteau's grandson - Fabien Cousteau, professional cyclist and trainer, Veronica Larsson from HTP Monaco, ​Café du Cycliste, and massage centre - Bodyworks.

Bright Creativity also helped facilitate the involvement of Nice-based Café du Cyclistes as one of the final stop-off points which will host a spectacular pre-finale event before arriving to the Palace in Monaco, which will be attended by local/Monaco and French-speaking press solicited by Bright Creativity and possibly also a very special honorary guest. All will be revealed in due course on the website but to participate or donate funds, access the websites herewith enclosed.