Created in 2012, Pernod Ricard's Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG) is a team of 10 people based in Paris. Its goal is to invent the future of conviviality by developing new products and services which will radically change and enhance the consumer's experience. Bright Creativity works with BIG to strategise and launch L’Orbe in Monaco and South of France.


L'Orbe is a range of gastronomic drinks. Each L’Orbe recipe has been developed in collaboration with Michelin-starred chefs and visionary mixologists, and offers the unique fusion of a delicate food ingredient and a fine spirit. The first recipe brings caviar from Gironde and Swedish vodka together in one bottle.


Exclusively available at Sexy Fish bar and restaurant in London, Bright Creativity is collaborating with L’Orbe to involve top establishments, Michelin Star Chefs, Mixologists, venues and create strategic partnerships with key partners. The drink can be enjoyed neat, in a cocktail or as an ingredient in a gourmet dish.


L’Orbe is made possible thanks to technology most commonly found in cosmetics – micro-encapsulation – which has since been adapted and patented by BIG. It protects and preserves even the most fragile of ingredients, allowing them to retain their physical integrity over time without degradation. When placed in contact with a liquid, the protected ingredient releases only its aromas, and keeps its colouring and particles from escaping. This natural aromatisation process allows for the mixing of ingredients that have until now been considered incompatible. 


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