Bright Creativity developed the MS Bespoke Styling website, a company headed by Marketa Häkkinen and Sabina Marini (the company has since stopped operating).





















All the marketing that comes with starting a new company was handled meticulously to include transferring the social media accounts to the new handles without loosing followers (Instagram and Facebook), creation of flyers, business cards, look books, managing photo shoots finding partners and working with a team of professionals dedicated to excellence. 













The logo and sub logo were the masterwork of teamwork between one of Bright Creativity's trusted outsourced designers in South Africa, who specialises in bringing a brand to life with professional brand guidelines and a fine appreciation of a customer's journey.

Selecting the best imagery overall is a daily task from previous stylings, current trends and from leading photographers.


One of the projects includes the organising of a unique photoshoot in a private villa. Partnering with the best in the bridal and wedding industry; from photographer, wedding couture designers, hair and make up artists. The photographs will feature in top luxury and wedding media.

PR is handled from writing the press releases, blog posts to sourcing the imagery and sending the the top bridal, luxury and lifestyle media internationally as part of the contacts that Bright Creativity has developed over the years.


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