Bright Creativity developed the My Riviera Weddings website and handled the translation into five languages, each tailored to reflect each target audience's manners, tone of voice and customs. To see each language, please click on the relevant link below:




















All the marketing that comes with starting a new company was handled meticulously to include setting up the social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), creation of flyers, business cards working with a team of professionals dedicated to excellence.












The logo and sub logo were the masterwork of teamwork between one of Bright Creativity's trusted outsourced designers in South Africa, who specialises in bringing a brand to life with professional brand guidelines and a fine appreciation of a customer's journey.

Selecting the best imagery overall is a daily task from previous weddings, current weddings and from leading wedding photographers.


One of the projects includes the organising of a unique photoshoot on a superyacht. Partnering with the best in the bridal and wedding industry; from photographer, wedding couture designers, hair and make up artists. The photographs will feature in top luxury and wedding media in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Japan as part of the PR service offered by Bright Creativity.

With real couples engaged to wed as models, the project will not only be useful from a PR and media point of view, but will also entail real stories of each couple that will feature on a new blog that is being developed for My Riviera Weddings.

PR is handled from writing the press releases to sourcing the imagery and sending the the top bridal, luxury and lifestyle media internationally as part of the contacts that Bright Creativity has developed over the years.

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