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Melting Hearts - A Winter Wonderland by Ziad Nakad

For the launch of the Autumn-Fall 2017/18 collection during Haute Couture Week Paris by one of the most talked about Lebanese designers after Ellie Saab, Ziad Nakad chose to host his runway show in the prestigious setting of the Hotel Westin in Paris.

Away from the blistering Summer heat and busy city life on the outside walls, enveloped by the über chicness of the iconic venue, cue centre stage to a much slower and peaceful pace, where a subdued, mystical ambiance reigned. Simply a gleaming runway, slowly unraveled, a wall embellished with snow capped trees allowed a hint of what was to come, and what did, mesmerised and drew breathes that would leave its audience spellbound right to the very end and beyond.

There is always much to admire in each designer’s annual haute couture shows, but this year the snow crystal forest theme running through the fascinating Ziad Nakad collection was particularly seducing for all present. Expertly reflecting women’s beauty and silhouette and personalities were distinctive cuts and creative mixes of a materials and colours.

What greeted the eye was a romantic vision of a season in magic colors where white predominated that offered spectators a truly awe-inspiring rendition of metres and metres of beautifully crafted fabrics reminiscing the fairytales we grew up with of princesses, foreign lands and glittering happily ever after stories.

Nakad has always had a love for details and it was no exception to see such a variety of intricate offerings leaving little to the imagination on how much thought and hours of attention must have gone in to each sublime creation. 

First a white that appeared as cold as snow and that gradually gained momentum to heat up when a rush of velvet, feathers, tulle and lace were interwoven through learned embroideries. Numerous cut-outs on the back and shoulders drew the body to reveal a bewitching femininity. Navy, gray and red added a touch of flawless enrichment to the colours of this magical forest.

Like a true fairytale cast to its transfixed audience, the fairytale had to take its final bow, but in so doing, appeared a bride like a queen of an exceptional night, gliding across the deserted stage, dressed in white and gold that illuminated the universe fit to the legends of a thousand and one nights. A sight so enthralling that everyone’s breathe was stopped for a split second to take in the mesmerising artistry before us.

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