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How to Win the Hearts & Minds of UHNWI

Last night Young Professionals in Yachting Monaco hosted a sell out event where coach extraordinaire, Tom Oliver held an incredibly vibrant pep talk on the tricks of the trade about selling to UHNWIs and establishing long term connections with the world's billionaires and leaders.

Now Tom is no newbie on the block. On the contrary, he's been a worldwide inspiration to big corporate hot shot names such as Coca Cola, eBay, Google and Microsoft. Even wrote a book: "Nothing is Impossible". The one thing that struck me from his two hour rendition on his vision and experience was that a lot of the content completely ticked the boxes of what Bright Creativity has done to date to gain the confidence of not only big shot corporations and well-known companies, but also UHNWI themselves.

So what is the magic formula you may wonder? Well it's a simple combination of a few magic key words that should be implemented in high doses within any company, whatever its size and industry. Ready to unveil the tricks of the trade to embark on a journey of untimely success?

  • Element of surprise - instil a culture of innovation within your company to ensure you are always one step ahead or keeping up with your competition. No time to sleep and get too comfortable. That's the pitfall of brands like we have seen with some mobile phone and photography brand names (Motorola, Nokia, Kodak...). In essence, you snooze and you just may lose so try to avoid that at all cost with going all out to constantly surprise and innovate.

  • Brainstorm - be it the four of you or 100, make sure those ideas are constantly flowing. There is never a right or wrong answer but as long as that idea has been put out in the open, embrace it and especially a shout out to all you CEO's and MD's and what nots, just because you sit at the top of the hierarchy doesn't mean that you shouldn't get even the new intern to share their ideas. You just never know where the next big thing will arise from so do not under estimate anyone in the team. Review ideas constantly and bring in new perspectives to keep innovating.

  • Emotional experiences - everyone loves to copy but try to stand out from the crowd and offer a unique experience that will blow your client's socks off on an emotional level. Sneak in an element of surprise that will heighten the emotional connection and in return reward you with the outcome that you strive to get. Show them you care, show the "love" for that bond to cement itself. Try to come up with experiences with a purpose not just an experience for the sake of it. The more time you take to nurture and develop, the better for you (especially aimed at Millennials and what they seek today). If you succeed to create a bond and relationship, then price becomes secondary. It bridges the loyalty gap.

  • Research - I cannot emphasise this enough to my clients as well. Take time to understand who you are speaking to. Find out as much information about your clients as possible so as to tailor your offering to make it a personal experience. I swear by the likes of WealthMonitor or WealthX for this. Profiling is key as that will make you stand out from your competitors. It shows the person you are speaking with that they are not just another UHNWI and that you are not looking at them as a dollar symbol but rather as a person.

  • Philanthropy - leave a legacy and a footprint to show that you have an understanding of what is happening around you and can vouch to show that deep down you are indeed here in this world to help make a change. Be it monetary or a simple gesture, participation in an association as a volunteer or giving back to society, all these things is what UHNWI today are extremely conscientious about.

  • Mission statement - ensure that you and your team, company live and breathe your mission statement. If you don't have one, it's time to consider it as this will be your identity and purpose. This mission statement needs to resonate with the times and people. It is what sets you apart. Makes you unique. Makes you shine brighter than the rest.

  • Comfort zone - get out of your comfort zone. Everyday, approach someone you would not normally speak with. Learn from the experience, make new contacts, friends even and embrace the cultural differences, the status differences and generally just be open-minded. Open you heart and soul to listen more. Ensure to place yourself in the stretch zone and remove yourself from the comfort and panic zones as only that way, you will manage to develop your sense of networking and successful relationship building. This is the ultimate key to becoming a master communicator.

So all in all, these are the secrets to achievement and can be employed across the board no matter who you are talking to, where in the world you are or what industry you are in. I suppose the success ultimately lies in your hands alone. It can be drummed in from motivational speakers, coaches, your boss, fellow colleagues or your parents as much as possible but in the end, it takes a little bit of time and personal investment. That's it!

So go out there and make a plan!! The best advise I always give my clients is to get the insight from someone who is completely on the outside to better the existing strategy and make sure there is a win win handshake waiting down the line sooner rather than later :) So what are you waiting for? Need a helping hand? Bright Creativity is here to help.


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